Vulnerability; the vaccine for insecurities

Am I Good Enough?

Hey! I'm Anushya! Yeah I'm just your average 15 year old teenage girl who has a pretty normal life here in Malaysia. You know, go to school; eat; sleep; finish all the homework; watch movies; socialize and all that again on repeat. Hahahaha fun right? Well, incase you're wondering, YES; I have insecurities too and YES; i've thought about living in someone else's life before too and YES; i know how you feel. 

 Let me share something vulnerable here. I always feel extremely insecure because of all the acne on my face, the "not-so-model-type" of body I have, the scars and marks I have and a few other stuff.

I mean how can you not feel insecure when the people around you are literally "perfect" right? From their perfectly proportioned body to their flawless beautiful facial features. I constantly think that everyone around me are so "perfect" that I keep forgetting the true meaning of life and the reason vulnerability exists in the first place. 

Being vulnerable is about exposing something that you're insecure about or in other words, something people will probably start hating on you for. Let's take this for an example; content creator Ethan Dolan got so much hate and death threats just because he was in a vulnerable stage of having acne. AcnE?! Is that even something people should get hated on for? Doesn't everyone like get it at some point?

As humans, we have to understand that our life is too short of a time to be wasted by hating on others or by trying to be someone we're not. We're all here for a reason and having insecurities is part of life. WE have to be vulnerable with our insecurities no matter how hard it it because when all those people come hating on us for those little scars and marks, in the end it makes us stronger. It makes us realize that it's who we are so instead of getting depressed over it, why not live with it and try to overcome it? 

At the end of the day, the society is going to be the same. A little curvy; you're "too fat", a little thin; you're "anorexic", a little tall; you're a "giraffe", short; you're "stunted", have a lot of friends; you're an "attention seeker", have no friends; you're a "social freak" and the list could go on forever. So, basically, the society is going to judge you no matter what so why bother trying to hide yourself? Why not just be vulnerable and take the bullets they shoot? Why not become immune to all your insecurities.

If you're currently reading this paragraph, thank you for taking some of your precious time to do so. All i want to say is that insecurities are common but so is hate.

So let us all stand together and fight those haters by becoming immune towards our insecurities through vulnerability. Start with a simple "I am good enough" or a "I'm beautiful and unique" or a "I'm loved" or maybe even a " I'm perfect just the way I am" every morning after waking up. Trust me, it helps!

Well, that's all from me. Hope y'all have a great day and remember your insecurities are for you to embrace and your vulnerability is to make you a better person! XX

Much love, 


"What makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful"
-Brene Brown-