The way of the universe

Dark sky with tiny specks for stars scattered around it

It was empty but there was no empty space. 

Everything existed yet was still, silent - dead.

This was the way of the universe.


There was a spark. 

A traitor among them, twitched, moved- formed. 

An almighty shatter. Their ties broken, 

Their net cut, their cage lifted.

And the way of the universe was irrevocably changed.


The universe instantly recoiled,

Completion was the one thing they longed for, circling each other,

Reins of force pulled by a desperate universe, loosened.

Matter violently jerked into existence, 

Yet they were still unsatisfied,

For this was the way of the universe,


Overcoming the rules, the forces, the laws that obstructed them 

They collided, danced;

Their laughter lit up the universe from the heart of a star.

And as light flooded into darkness, the universe stood a silent sentry.


It watched others attempts at imitation,

Some pushed themselves up to reach an unreachable size,

A cacophonous symphony of gas that sang in tune with the song of the stars,

Swirling, expanding and shrinking in contained chaos.  

The smaller, weaker rocks banded together and despite appearances, 

They were content to let their miniature stars hide under their skin, 

Cores warming them from the inside even as

They basked in the radiance of the giants. 


For they had claimed this universe as their own- 

And as the silent force faded away from everchanging existence,

It remembered the way of the universe.