We all bleed the same color.

Color doesn't matter

It's sad that today, the 21st century, there are still groups of people who classify people of different skin color, religion, ethnicity, and race as a threat. Let's be real, everyone has their human rights and they have the right to live in a safe, conducive, and especially a discrimination-free place. African-Americans are the ones who face discrimination and racism a lot.
Why, you ask? Because it is a matter of color. Let's think about it. Generally.

Everyone matters. You are born and this world is for you and no one has the right to discriminate you for you are different. Children from a very young age faced racism too. This will result in depression and involvement in crimes. I believe that racism isn't born, racism is taught. Why are they different? Is it because of their skin color? Culture? Religion? Race?

But let's stick to science for we all came from the same root and bleed the same color. No one should be treated differently for their differences.

No lives should be ended because they are different from us. Stop the stereotype. Stop the stigma. 

Let's make a difference with our differences.