We all can do It!

A picture of Rubik cube, with some of its parts shifter in different positions.

Here stands my creation, my very own,

Soon to discover knowledge hitherto unknown,

As it ventures into the uninhabitable zone.

But what is this? Its wisdom has grown

And here I stand, all alone,

Next to my creation and its clones

As if to strip humanity to its bones

The robot and its army of drones

Oh, how humanity has advanced from stone!


But I snap out of my daydream,

No longer alone, here is my team

A firm group of eighteen

That dared to dream

To take on the world’s cream


Over the next few weeks, we shall give our hand

And prepare to make our stand

The Five shall go, hand in hand

To compete exactly as planned

And perhaps even understand

The purpose of the metal shaft collar band

Just in time for the final showdown in Switzerland.

- Arnav Khanna