We all think we're right

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We all think we're right.

I believe that's the simple truth. We all think that we are right. It's the only way we can think. Otherwise, we simply wouldn't have believed in what we're saying.

And it's okay. We have every right to believe that we are right. We have every right to believe that we know something better than someone else. It's 100% natural.

Sometimes, however, people get too carried away in what they think. They, no, we, are so sure that we are right, that we forget that people around us feel the same way. So we try to convince them that we are right, that they are wrong. They don't agree. They think that they are right, and that we are wrong.

That's when arguments start. At first, we try to explain to our mate why we are right. After that, why he is wrong. He does the same. Soon enough, we are in so deep, that we start doubting that we are right. So we push harder, and so does the other side. And now it gets personal.

We are so scared of the possibility that we are wrong, that all our beliefs are wrong, that the simple existence of people with different opinions, with different ways to live, it scares us. And we, humans, what do we do to things that scare us? We come after it with everything we've got. It's not that we are mean, or evil, we just need to be right. It's the only way we can feel as if we live in a RIGHT world, in a world that has rules. Rules which we understand.

I've said it already. And I'll say it one more time. We're so sure we're right, we come towards other people with our claws out, ready to fight, ready to change them, ready to kill them if we must.

And we forget that this is the EXACT same way others feel about us, about all the things we've got wrong. We forget that we are in a constant battle, in which we are not necessarily right. We are simply SO busy fighting.

Well, news flash. I might be wrong. So might you. We all think the way we think due to a lack of better evidence (sometimes even though we have that proof, we ignore it). 

I believe that we should all understand that we might simply be wrong. If I disagree with you, then please, tell me your opinion. Tell me what it is based on. I swear, if you have a good argument I will reconsider my position. I won't judge you. I hope you won't judge me. In the beginning, it will be so hard, calming that inner voice that begs you to defend your opinion. However, in time, you will learn to put this voice to sleep. I hope you do, because it's the only way we will be able to live in peace with each other.

I'm not perfect. I'm probably wrong about many things in my life. Maybe you are right and I am wrong. Maybe it's the other way around. However, as long as you respect my right to my own opinion, I will respect yours. 

Thank you for reading,

yours, ithink

I'll respect your opinion as long as your opinion doesn't disrespect my existence.

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