We Are Different

Photo by Life Matters

Angie Thomas said,

“People like us in situations like this become hashtags,

But they rarely get justice.”

We are different.

Yeah, that may be true,

But let us review

What we have gone through.

Every other day

I see on the news display

How a black got beaten 

Or may have passed away.

I find it funny

How others thinks it’s okay

Now tell me, if it was you

You would make a case.

Not too long ago,

It happened again

Someone was murdered 

Because of their melanin.

Everyone is praying for this to end

But here we are with another trend.

A death is starting a movement,

Since there is a lot of room left for improvement.

So here's our recruitment

If you're willing to choose it.

It is Unity,

To change our communities. 

For those with different identities,

This is your opportunity.

“Don’t you ever forget that being black is an honor,

Because we come from greatness”

And that is a true statement.

United States of America