We need a better world right now!

illustration millennium development goals children
We have the goals set up, now it is time to act for everyone! Right now!

I would like us (children) all to pay attention to the Sustainable Development Goals again. Yes, we can change the world. After all, we have everything we need: creative thinking, imagination, perseverance, intelligence, courage, honesty, steadfastness.
What if we choose one goal at a time and think together? This can be done anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Family dinner, phone call, video chat, blog, etc. By the way, this will help us spend time more productively during a pandemic. Probably now the majority of people are having the same situation where all conversations end with terrible thoughts about the virus. You can suggest topics like climate change, gender equality, education, etc. So many things to brainstorm together!
Recently, when my family got together for dinner, I started talking about equality. The topic is huge, which means that everyone can express their thoughts, concerns and questions. (In my case, the conversation was incredibly interesting. Do you know how it ended? Animal rights. We all agreed that equality should be not only among people, but it is also necessary to change the attitude towards animals and consider them equal to us, humans.)

These small steps will help us to raise our voices within our communities and to act together because we need a better world right now.

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