We need climate action NOW!

A group of students in New York hold up placards during a climate justice demonstration outside the United Nations Headquarters.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg and #FridaysForFuture, thousands of young people across the world demanded climate action today.

The Voices of Youth team covered the youth climate action that took place outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Alexandria Villasenor, 13, during a climate demonstration outside the UN in New York.
Alexandria Villasenor speaking to the crowd today.

"Today thousands of you are joining me"

“I saw Greta Thunberg speak at COP24. Her example showed me what I had to do. On December 14 I sat down in front of the United Nations Headquarters and began my own school strike for climate. For weeks I was alone and ignored, receiving barely a nod or glance from people passing by me. Today, however, I am not alone.”

- Alexandria Villasenor, 13

Images of young people at the #FridaysForFuture demonstration outside the UN in New York
Unless we take immediate action the entire human race will soon be short of a home - Olivia
A group of young people walks holding signs demanding climate action.
Olivia, 16 (center) was one of the participants and speakers at today's event.

“Complacency is apathy. And apathy is no longer an option.”

“As a friend of mine said to me recently, complacency is complicity. In the case of climate change that means complicity in the degradation of once-flourishing ecosystems and the murder of entire species...it means complicity in the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people and communities who live with poor air quality, polluted water and malnutrition and lack of access to crucial resources. It means complicity in the slow but sure disappearance of all our futures as we chip away at our earth until there is nothing left.”

- Olivia, 16

Every day we make history - either it is a negative or a positive thing that we do - Jude

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Young people hold up placards with climate action messages.
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