We need climate justice

Climate change
Climate Change

Every day when we wake up we think about our future, about our dreams and our life goals, but unfortunately, none of that will ever happen without a safe planet. We are living knowing that our future is in danger, that our planet is not a safe place anymore. The climate change is not an issues for the next years, is something we must solve now.

There is no time to waste, because while we wait, there is animals that are dying, there is places that are on fire and there is seas that do not have water anymore. So if you are seeing this please share and try to do something good for the environment. It is easy you just have to change your actions; these are some ideas that can help you:

  • Start recycling
  • Don’t throw waste in the seas.
  • Correct someone with respect if they are making the wrong action for the environment
  • Help activists to make our message massive
  • Try to reduce the use of plastics


With a little action, you can help a lot; this is not only for you but also for all of us. We need to act now for the climate change. Together we can change for better.