Weep Child

Pastoralist with animals in Turkana, Kenya

Weep child 

Weep for green you'll cease to see 

Weep for white turning blue 

Weep for blue turning black 

Weep, now the sky is red


Thank you, Asha

Though joey cannot find her mother 

Mim cannot go back now 

It's too hot in there 

It's not home anymore 

We may loose new titi

He has nowhere to go

It's hot 

And I don't know him yet 

Turtles for the sea

We feed them a lot 

Now they cannot swim 

Hold the sun

Don't let it sink


Weep child 

For your own baby's place 

Growing are mountains of despair 

Angry rivers flowing despite 

Oceans having had enough 

Too much to hold in

Now they are splashing hard 

Lashing out at us

Rains are sizzling 

Showering lands bare 

Winds blowing with ire

Nobody can break them down 

We took the green down 

To build up

Aversion in the air 

Flowers are lonely now 

Honey comber has baskets to spare 

Warm flakes to bear 


It's scary 

It's okay to cry 

Try hard not to sleep 

Try hard make others see 

Try hard now and tonight 

'Cause Dad doesn't care