We'll Walk Together

A beautiful sky, with splashes of cyan blue and light orange, accompanied by soft, scattered clouds. A silhouette of buildings marries into the scene.

The serenity of the world that just encapsulates us in its grasp, the cheery but calm morning gently waking us up to face another day. The sun kissing me on the cheek while the wind softly caresses me, almost as if attempting to console me, making me believe that better days are to come.

I envy the birds that roam, flapping their wings, roaming the realm of the earth while all I can do is stare out of this tiny window; I try not to let it dishearten me but the pigeons come every day, impossible to ignore, perched upon the thin grey railing, mocking me incessantly.

The flowers represent my pain, sitting so diligently and patiently, waiting for the day they can finally bask in the glory of the sun, but alas, they stay stuck in their little mud pots, confined, imprisoned. The petals, frantically getting ready for the day they may be able to get out… after all, a girl must look her best, even if she cannot show it off.

The sun gently teases the leaves, almost within their reach, but almost is never enough. The buildings in the distance are ensconced in their heat while the only sliver of warmth I receive is from my daily cup of tea.

Though perhaps, staying inside has darkened my perspective and all I need to do is step into a little light; because there is beauty in this tiny balcony, and hope still finds a way to creep into both my garden and my heart.

The skies are calm today, tired of putting on concerts every evening as dusk approaches, tired of having to hold the fort while the seas play, and the fields frolic around without a care in the world. The sky looks down at me, reminding me of the beckoning horizon that lies where the sky meets the sea; I stare at that majestic cyan canvas that even the clouds do not dare cross. It stares back, just as confused, just as scared.

I spend my days sitting on the webbed chairs, staring out onto this vast world ahead—it scares me now, to think that it’s been months since I’ve even been downstairs, but while it’s scary, it’s also relieving. We stay strong in the middle of a global pandemic and it is people like us who will take the world forward. This adversity will end, and we will be at the forefront, as the beacons of positivity and living proof that this too shall pass, and we too shall survive.

The roads that seemed so familiar are now only a distant dream, and all I can possibly do now is wait. Wait for the day when the siren of the factory will echo through the neighbourhood, and children’s playful screams will resonate again. Smiles will no longer be hidden behind a mask of a mask, and lives will no longer be unlived. The little balcony of mine represents me, and the world outside representing all my fears and inhibitions; and all I have to do now is wait until we’re ready, for we’ll all walk again, but this time we’ll walk together.