What about the Environment?

Make the world blue again

What about sunrise
That rises over the hill top
‘Top of the morning’ to you my dear
Said the friendly face
Now faced with the question of his sustainability
What about… what about rain
That refreshes and replenishes the earth, to make it alive again
You’ve created regimes and policies
 Stating we have so much to gain
Are you insane!! you are hurting our environment,
Now we are all faced with the judgment
Due to our misguided agreement to succumb to mismanagement
Now I can no longer see…. the sun…set
It became a prisoner by the fog, that clouds the air
Making it hard to breathe,
To breathe the air
It’s choking me….
Not even a tree can save me
As it has been cleared for the building right before me
Pumping its life into the riverbed
Ashes to ashes… dust to dust
The fishes are now dead, and this is unjust
Global warming and pollution
It’s not a fad or a facade
It’s not just a trendy topic to use in a parade
It’s making the most of what is left of our time
So, let us come together and work on a redesign