What are you waiting for?

Sofia giving a speech


what are you waiting for? 

what’s holding you back from living the life of your dreams?


what’s holding you back? I ask again

the world needs you

the world needs your heart,

your passion, 

your excitement. 


humanity needs you, 

only you can make that dream of yours become a reality.

what’s holding you back?


let go of your insecurities, 

believe in the incredible power you have,

listen to your heart

and great things will start happening around you.


listen to your heart and get out of that destructive zone in which you’re at right now

we need you,

the world wants to see the real you.


the real you that loves without limits, 

the real you that isn’t afraid to defend the unheard, 

the world needs the real you to achieve that mission,

to make the impossible- possible.


but mostly of all,

you need the real you,

it’s time, 


what’s holding you back?