What can I do if one part of my family is away during a Pandemic?

A silhouette of a man and a luggage in an airport.

At the beginning of Covid era, fear was for you and the people around you, but as the days progressed and people age, datas increases and viruses evolve, the fear circles slowly away from you but more to the people around you. The constant worry of catching the menacing virus doesn’t scare you less than the fear that you have if the people you love catch it. And so you do whatever you can to protect them. But what if a part of the puzzle that completes you is far away? 

My father has been working overseas and was supposed to come home March last year, but was held back by lockdowns and stopped flights. Covid made us anxious more than we were before at home, anxious of things that we don't want to, but could happen. And as a middle class family, covid made us weigh the what ifs, and test our morals.

Since he is the breadwinner we couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he went home. Could we have survived debts and bills without income? Or are we supposed to be thankful that under this global crisis, he is away from us? What is truly the best thing here? The silver lining? 

This is a case of the road not taken, a road in which the one we didn’t choose still has no probable guarantee of a happy scenario, we would still be lost as if walking down the path, blindfolded.

Yet as the time goes by, all I am right now is a thankful and proud daughter of a brave father and a compact family. It has been a tough year and I'm glad to still be here with my family. So I say, no matter where we are walking down, blinded or not, with faith in ourselves and the people around us, I guess it will be alright. 

Today, and tomorrow, all I can do is wait for the time my father can come home, upgrade myself, and with my chin high up, look forward.

Like Mr. Robert Frost once said, “the best way out, is always through”.