What COVID-19 taught me


The year 2020 is quite a distinctive year in my life. For the past 17 years, I have never ever sat inside my home continuously for 3 weeks. I have never imagined a class room without the physical presence of the teacher. I have never imagined a long time physically separated from my friends. I have never imagined a time where I'll be hindered to breath the heavy air without wearing a mask. And now all those "never" that I have mentioned above had a reverse reaction and everything came true. For the first time in my life I heard about a virus which could be simply killed by a soap or hand wash, attacked people globally and even killed a vast population. This year was something filled with curiosities, anxieties and this was also a year that taught us some important morals that no one had ever noticed so far.

                                       There is not even a single sector which was not affected by COVID. But there is an important field in which COVID had made a tremendous positive reaction. It is the FAMILY. In this modern world, everyone have a very busy schedule. In majority of the family situations, both the parents are workers. Family is the most important socialising agents in our society. Right after a child's birth, parents play a key role in their integral development. In a family situation were both the parents are busy in their work and could not spend sufficient time with their children, major values that are to be inculcated inside the child will not be adequately received. Due to lock down created by COVID families were able to spend time together and thus COVID paved a way to strengthen family relationships.

                                                   COVID had also made a positive impact to our surroundings especially nature. Records says that a vast percentage of pollution emissions had reduced tremendously. Because of the restrictions imposed on heavy industries water pollution and soil pollution decreased. As the result of physical distancing number of automobile users also decreased which resulted in reduction of air pollution. COVID had created a compulsory situation in wearing masks. Even if the initiative was taken into account for prevention of COVID, it resulted in reducing 65% of other small deceases. It had also increased awareness on importance of mental health which must be equally taken into consideration along with physical health.

                                                           COVID provided us with an opportunity to think back. Many years back this world had went through many devastating pandemics like Plague, World war I, Spanish Flu which is the most devastating flu that the world have ever seen, World War II, SARS and a lot more. During those times, the world was not developed as it is now. There were no adequate medical facilities as well as cures. Even during those times, our ancestors survived and overcome those crisis. But now we are not facing any of those difficulties compared to those times. We have better medical facilities, good infrastructure, internet, and for entertainment we even have NETFLIX. Thus COVID enabled us to think back to those times.

                                                                   Yes. We are all moving through a tough situation where we are not able to live like our expectations. But let's move on. WE SHALL OVERCOME ONE DAY.....