What the future holds after this pandemic

Future after the pandemic

With a spike in new COVID-19 cases all around the world, our future has become pretty uncertain. Most of the younger population were super excited to graduate and start working this summer, not realizing the major twist that has brought the whole world into a standstill. 

The youth are the future and their future shouldn't be left in the dark but would this phase impact them in a good or a bad way? Some say that using this time and focusing on yourself, your interests and learning new things online could be one way to deal with this. But what about the youth who lost their jobs during this pandemic? With an increase in the unemployment rate, will the companies continue to offer less jobs or will it leave the people jobless? 

As a Dentist, I understand how serious this issue is and what my fellow dentists are going through. It becomes very risky and unpredictable in trying to offer a treatment and still hang on to that 1% chance of getting exposed to the virus. For that matter, every other healthcare worker is risking his or her life to save another life.The government organizations are working hard day and night and slowly trying to open up places to get back the normal life. Practicing social distancing and wearing a mask should be made mandatory, no matter if the cases are decreasing or increasing in a certain area. Prevention always is better than cure and it makes more sense if we try not to invite it. 

Since the onset of this pandemic, it has been almost 6 months now and we still are trying to find a permanent solution to fight the invisible gang. As young adults, we should take this up as our responsibility by spreading awareness about this issue. It could be started right from our homes. 2020 has not ended yet and it could still become your best year if you work on it. While we all await a miracle, let us continue to give our best and bend the curve! 


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