What I really want?

"FEAR" is what holding me back
i'm stuck inside my own jail
can't go out even i'm the one who holds the key

Is the gift of understanding a gift or a curse?

today I was asked what life I want to live but I'm stuck between having a normal and being different from others dream.

I'm afraid what if they might laugh at me because I'm different...

in what way?

they want money, they want to be rich and have a happy family

they want an average life to have family and be happy...


I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD and let everyone be happy, understand each other's needs, and I want people to believe in what they can...

There are many things that you can do and others don't. We are created specially, each other have their own abilities and if we focused on what we can do, the world would be more powerful.

My path is going to change everyone's destination. I'll guide every person in this world by making them general but still free of their dreams.

I'm going to be different and have a worthwhile life. I have only one and I won't waste it. I have the chance to change it and to make a difference in every human being to be better.

"so Richie what do you want?" that wakes me up from a daydream

"I want to be normal, a normal life" then seat down.

I'm still afraid to be different, still afraid, of not being accepted I hope one day I gain enough strength to stand for my dream and to accept my path and be who really am i...

you? yes, you! which path would you take?

can you be brave to tell them?

What would I do?

Never be afraid of being different because you are is who you are..
and only can make the big job that is given to you..