What is my purpose for my life?

A board walk in a light blue ocean, above a light blue and yellow sky, with the sun to the west


Have you ever felt lost in what you should do with your life? I know I have. There are many things to do on this earth, from careers to hobbies. Better yet, even outside earth, like exploring space. Yet, you and I find ourselves not knowing what to do. One day we want to do something; the next day it’s another. It’s like going around and around failing to find steady ground.

Let’s talk about careers. When I was younger, I wanted to be a nurse. I liked the thought of helping people and contributing to society in this form. Then I later realized that Chemistry and I were not friends. So that purpose quickly evaporated. Then it was a lawyer. I later found out that law takes a lot of reading, and attention to detail, and I was a bit frightened by the stories of law school. Did not want to take that route again. So here I am 15 years of age, trying to figure out what career I should pursue. What job is going to reflect who I am? What job will help build who I am? What job was made for me?

Now we're on hobbies. That has been a tricky situation for me. Cause at times I can’t find something that I like to do regularly. I tried sports. I did netball, swimming, and then track. Then I tried to do club activities. I was in a makeup club at my school. Didn’t like it too much. Then I realized that I like music a lot. I began to write small songs. In the midst of that, I realize that I like to talk. The thing with that is I like to talk alone, most time. So I said to myself, “ Maybe I should start a blog or YouTube channel. “ It’s an on and off thing going on at the moment.
-So many hobbies to try, but will they fit and define who I am?-

There are so many ways to define who a person is. There are many ways to find your purpose in life. You as an individual have to figure it out. Also. If you don’t figure it out as quickly as someone else, it’s okay.
-You will find your purpose when the purpose finds you- <3

Remember - You only have one life that we know of. So make your life count.