When I Felt Empowered!

Woman feeling empowered!

Today, I'm going to share with you all when I felt empowered.

Being a girl or female, we often find ourselves being underestimated in different aspects of our lives.

Females have to fight for their rights, since some very basic rights were not granted to them. Today, they are legally given these basic rights but still at the ground level most of us don't get these basic rights, because of some illogical opinions of our society.

I'm writing this, because I believe in Feminism and I want rights to be given equally to all, both men and women deserves same amount of rights equally.

When I felt empowered:

Since, the time I started writing for UNICEF’s Voices Of Youth platform, I started feeling empowered.

Well, empowered in the sense that I was able to put forward my views and opinions in a global platform.

My views and opinions were given importance here.

Not only this. When I was 13, I published my first book ever, which was based on 'Self-love'. I started feeling confident.

Writing is the main thing that I believe makes me feel empowered!



Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman