When Will We Realize? - a poem

In a world without trees

I Remember

I remember oceans trembling and spilling gently with water.

I remember dew drops glistening on pinecones, roses and buttercups

reflecting the colours of spice blush and butter

Barefoot and silent,

I remember cupping mouthfuls of fresh river water picking up dried up petals .

I remember those beautiful days.

Those beautiful days when the sun glowed just right.

Those beautiful days when the wind swooped gently soothing the harsh sunlight.

Once, this entire ground filled crimson and coffee barks

and peeping through the bushels of leaves I saw red flecked cardinals

sitting there twittering with no care in the world.

The times when you could spot children playing in the rich sand



laughing with no care in the world.

And drinking water from the ponds and river and lake.


Now I’m crying.


Because it was all a dream.

A big dream made up in a small girl’s mind

Because there is no water left

Because everything black-brown and grey

Charcoal black

Mud-dirt brown.

And I could run around barefoot for a hundred miles yet not see a single speck of crimson nor coffee

What did we do?

Let me tell you as I wipe my tears

that these birds are now extinct

no longer can I spot flitting wings coloured in hazel and maroon

because we destroyed it’s only homes

and replaced it with broken buildings filled with trash

for our benefit.

Let me tell you its becoming harder and harder to find that beautiful day

where the sun flushes just right


the quick cool winds have become dry.

and the glare of the sun has become sharp painful stings

So I’m pleading to you

do something before it’s too late

before we become completely blind to mother earth’s pleading cries

and deaf to the frightened screams of birds and animals.

So protest with me

So march with us

So scream with them

So fight like you never have

Fight until you bleed the colour of guilt


for humans and humanity,

This is




United States of America