Where does the change start?

a neon sign saying ‘a place beyond belief’

Change - sometimes necessary, sometimes frightening and sometimes inevitable. When we talk about change what pops in your head? Prostests, activism, personal growth, raising awareness on important topics, maybe a revolution why not? I personally think change is happening everywhere around us but for it to impact, for example, a society or a country is has to be big and it should start at the roots - the educational system.

Now I know some may disagree but let me explain first. When you are little what is your first ‘contact’ with this so-called process of learning? Kindergarten. Then you grow up and you go to primary school. After that there is secondary school and the following is highschool. You then can go to a college and maybe even get a bachelor’s degree. All this process to just get a job and live your life day by day. But it all starts with education.

For instance, in my country, the educational system is quite flawed: is based on corruption, the teachers are indifferent, verbal abuse towards students is common and therefore normalized, the treatment is unfair and some students are ‘paying’ for their grades by taking tutoring classes with their teachers. I don’t wonder why the rate of students dropping out of school is so high and the one for unemployement too. 

But what if things could be different? What if our teachers did their job properly? What if our curriculum was useful? What if our whole educational system was based on actual learning and understanding rather than just memorizing? That is why I believe the educational system is at the core for changing a country or a society or a world. We are all somehow just forced into this. We are told this is the normal way of things so it might as well be updated. With better schools and curriculums students can learn something useful in real life and it can make them passionate and interested in continuing their studies.