Which house will stand up? An experiment about building better

it a house made out of cement and sand

How can you stop flooding? I believe by building a better house. Lots of places in the world have houses that are built in different ways. But when they are not built with good materials and hurricanes or hard rain come. It can cause a flood in your house plus it can destroy it too. So how can we stop it and build better?

Have you ever wondered why a house gets destroyed in a flood? Maybe houses are not built with the right materials. Many people have been hurt and it's sad to see their house be taken down by a flood. For my experiment I want to see if I can add different ingredients to build a house and see which one stands up, I would make a house with cement and mud, cement and sand, just mud.

I guess that house two is going to stand, which is the cement and sand. My control in this experiment was the one-gallon water that will be through at the houses, the independent is the ingredients I will be using and dependent is which one will stand.

It was a time through the water at the houses. It took time to see which way I was going through the water. The House that survives the flood was house number two. House number one broke, and house number three broke down. I was right that cement and sand would stand. 

I hope you learn about how we need to build better. So no more people have to deal with a house flood.This was a cool experiment to do. See what can be put to build a house. And see which house will stand a flood. People around should have a home that can stand a flood and be safe in.