Who will save our saviours? A poem

doctor tying headscarf

This poem is dedicated to all our frontline heroes that are risking their lives to save humanity during the pandemic.


Days are spent trying to find the elusive cure,

When the haunting will halt is far from sure.

Our scrub clad heroes are putting their lives on the line,

As they strive to keep the victims alive.

But who will save our saviours?


They desperately try to rip our blindfolds

And erase the naivety that is clouding our minds,

All while shielding us from the riptide.

But who will save our saviours?


Our frontline heroes try to ease the pain,

 And many have lost their lives but not in vain.

As the victims gasp for even a sliver of breath

Our saviours attempt to dispel the venom that is so deep set.


They fight this battle with a sense of gallantry,

But only we can kindle their determination by rising from oblivion,

And vanquishing the source of agony.

We will save our saviours.