This poem depicts on understanding yourself and being a free human

Who’s to say - Divyasri Jaganathan 

Who’s to say you are not aesthetic?

When all that you are is kindness and beauty,

Who’s to say you are not loved?

When you realise to let go and make stronger connections,

Who’s to say you are not smart? 

For every societal label and college standard,

All that matters is your heart- the heart to help others,

Who’s to say you cannot cry?

When being expressive is being human

Who’s to judge you by your skin colour?

When we are all the same when the lights turn out 

Who’s to flaw your flawless personality?

When the flawed creates flaws in flawless existence

Who’s to judge your human identity?

When you are free to be whoever you choose to be 

Who’s to say you are not beautiful?

When with every acne scar and blemish is beauty in itself 

And the one to judge cover their hearts with concealer 

Who's to say anything?

When you are validated by nothing but yourself. 


Remember that when you judge - you are being judged.