Why are you paying for climate change?

Money burning

Nfts are an example of useless items causing major issues in today’s society. Imagine you spend 3 weeks drawing your best piece of art ever. Now imagine that a person takes that image and makes over $100,000 for it as an Nft. Now imagine another person comes along and right clicks the image on twitter.com and gets the exact same image in the same quality. Welcome to the confusing importance of Ntfs and why they don’t matter but bring way too many issues into the world.
As said before, Nfts are different types of digital content but as of lately artistic forms have been a big craze. The importance is also confusing since the whole point of an nft is to be a unique piece of content that one person owns, so if someone were to own it then the importance would make sense since only that person could have it. This could make sense in real life such as a baseball signed by a famous player or the real painting of the mona lisa. These items are unique since they are the only version of these items that are the original and can’t just be acquired whenever. However Nfts don’t have that same uniqueness that real items do since everyone can save an online image, especially when people try to make Nfts of previously existing public content. What's also sad about this is artists who put a lot of effort into their work can just have their image taken and have money made off of it. However what if an artist wants to sell the Nft themselves and make money. A lot of artists don’t participate in Ntfs as the technology used for them is harmful for the environment. The power needed to sell and distribute this content is very high when you look at how many computers are in use to manage this process. Crypto currency is another example of this kind of content. What makes a million byte coins value.  Looking into cryptocurrency you’ll find similarities to nfts with a value slapped on a digital item but with an immense amount of power used to manage them. What makes the value of your $20 bill in your wallet valuable. When people think of crypto currency they think of millions of dollars in just a few coins and when people see $20 they see a bill you’d definitely want to pick up off the floor if you found it on the street. The items are valuable only because it’s been agreed to people that they are valuable. Money when printed to an excess amount has little value. This is because why would something so common and easily obtainable have any worth. The same question could be asked with nfts, if I could just save the same image that's worth millions of dollars, then why is that image so valuable. And if the value isn’t as high in reality, then is it worth the environmental issues?

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