Why book is my best friend?!


My thoughts have always been full of great dreams and goals, but the fear of failure, the fear of limitations, the fear of disbelief, the fear of a mysterious tomorrow, the fear of the no, have always been with my dreams and goals, sometimes I talk about my dreams and goals with others, most of them laugh or say: You can’t do it, it is impossible or it is not your job. Apart from these words, the world in which I live though speechless but tells me the same things every day. The world in which war, restrictions, inequalities, disbeliefs, war, and hatred are the first words, and in the meantime, in my country, Afghanistan the possibility of forgetting your Dreams and goals is so much, mysterious tomorrows, wars,  discrimination, insecurities and dozens of other problems long story short the world in which humans made fear domain

But the book ...

A friend who tells me on every page that you can try

A friend who introduced me to being positive, hopeful, patient and kind

A friend who says yes to me when everyone put hands and says no

A friend with whom I talk for hours but does not get bored

A friend who teaches me new things every day and tells me stories from the unspoken

A friend who teaches me to be myself and to be human

A friend who believes in my abilities more than I do

A friend who is my home, school, teacher and even family

In short, this friend made me love myself and God

Today is the day of this friend; Book

I congratulate this day for the lovers of God, wisdom, knowledge, kindness, and humanity, and I wish that this day becomes a reason in order to replace the gun with books in my country and the world.