Why don't we humans care about the thing that cares about us the most?

A green peaceful forest where the beings we depend on live.

Climate change is real. Temperatures are rising, and in a few years, if we still continue our ignorant and malevolent actions, the peaceful and green environment will not exist and trust me it wont be mendable.

Fossil fuels: petrol, diesel, oil, etc. Non-renewable sources. The wreckers of the pleasant atmosphere. Burning of fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide which heats up the globe. The same globe that we live on, the same globe that takes care of us. It is taking care of you right now as you are reading this. It serves you with food, oxygen and so many things you don't know that exist but matter for your existence.


Yes, I know there are scientists planning to settle on the planet Mars. The fact that we have made immense efforts to colonize on Mars, is by all accounts great news and tremendous growth in the science field.


Why are we spending billions of dollars finding life and putting enormous amounts of effort colonizing on Mars and the moon when we have such a beautiful planet where we have everything we need? Like Why? WHY are we spending billions of dollars creating and finding life on some other planet, when we can save our own?

We spend infinite amounta of money destroying this planet. You know how? Thorugh deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, killing animals and so many other inhumane actions. And the fact that hurts me the most is that we don't realize that we are doing these inhumane actions.

Answer this: would you ever hurt your parents on purpose, so you could make your own life?

Most of you present here won't, Why though? Because they took care of you when you were helpless and innocent and didn't even know your name. Right? Then why, WHY are we hurting the environment that keeps us alive. Doesn't it? You could forget your parents, or they could forget you, or there are people who don't have the blessing of having parents, but hey are still alive. But do you know any person alive or happy without the blessing of environment? We need it and it needs us.

Respect works both ways, time doesn't respect us if we don't respect it? But guess what the environment does even when we don't return the kind gesture? We need to respect it, we have to love it with our whole hearts.

And if you can't find the love for it, then be selfish and protect it so it protects your future generations.

United States of America