Why it’s never too late to care

The image shows 3 people standing in a forest, facing the sunlight on the few enlightened places between the trees. The title “it’s never too late to care” is displayed over it in white.

Nature to be a place of 



and carelessness,

now being filled

with dreads,


and those, we should now be caring for best.


The heat you feel on your skin,

will be as deadly as the fire,

the monkey is in.


Water flowing and melting,

slowly, it’s peacefulness to be a feeling,

to the day it crashes down and covers everyone,

in it’s deadly crown.


Although you might just think

”it’s too late”

the crisis is like ink,

permanent, but with hard work able to be changed one date.


Let this date be now,

don’t hesitate,

don’t get mad,

simply vow,

take action and agitate,

it’s never too late to make your planet a little glad.