Why rural education is fundamental to Sustainable Development

Children stood posing for a photo

Have you ever taken into account of Rural Education being the fundamental aspect to measure diversification under Sustainable Development interventions?  Millions of people are focusing on the urban poor and to a certain degree ignored rural poor interventions. 

In Africa, the rural population has continually been producing poor results based on developmental contribution to national political, social and economic improvement. And schools lack effective resources (libraries, qualified education mentors, low class education system) to provoke or influence pupils for success. The exposure to quality and sustainable education is minimal. 

In this regard, if we focus on changing the “MINDSET” through necessary sustainable resources, we shall witness growth of ability in many rural children, youths and communities at large for better lives. Early marriages have escalated because of lack of education among boys and girls, especially girls vulnerable to such risks. 

To break the chains of poverty, let’s begin with the rural communities where real help is due. It is not easy, but achievable!