Why should I get out of bed while others sleep?

woman shutting off ringing alarm clock from bed

Every time I meet someone, I always ask myself whether they have a goal in their lives or a destination they want to reach. I have met many people who had no goals in their lives. And if they had one, they did not know how to reach it.

One day I met a girl by chance and we talked about a writer and inspirational speaker called Simon Sinek. He wrote a book called 'Start with Why?' which offers a great idea: why are some companies or some people more successful than others? Or how can I move towards achieving my goal more accurately and more clearly?

In fact, I did not read the book directly, but I saw a TED lecture by Simon Snick where he discussed the idea of his book, asking "why is Apple always innovative?" or "are some people doing things beyond expectations?". Sinek has discovered that there is a base that inspires leaders in the world and makes them outperform others.

It is the 'Golden Circle' as Sinek likes to call it, which he considers to be the world's simplest idea. Three circles explain this rule:

The first circle is "What", which means: everyone in this world knows exactly what they want.

The second circle is "How", which means: Some people know how to get what they want.

The third circle is "Why", which means: very very few people or organizations know why they are doing what they do.

Do not say that your reality destroys your dreams or that it is still too early. You do not know how great you will be if you start today

The goal here is not to make money -money it is just result-, you do not want to reach your goal to make money, right? The meaning here is: What is your goal? What is your purpose? And why do you want to get this thing?

Sinek explains his rule by saying that the inspirational leaders are first asking themselves why they are doing what they do.

He offers examples that will really surprise you and may change the way you think.

What about you? Did you wake up one day to go to work early in the morning and asked yourself: Why did I wake up at this time? WHY should I get out of bed while others sleep?

I cannot imagine that there are still people who do not know their goal, we were all born with a specific purpose and we have to seek to find and achieve it. Sometimes your dream or faith is difficult to find, as Steven Spielberg said: "The hardest thing is to listen to your instincts, your human personal intuition always whispers, it never shouts".

Try to find your goal, try to find your WHY! It is sad to see that some youth live without making changes in the world. You are the change!

Do not say that your reality destroys your dreams or that it is still too early. You do not know how great you will be if you start today. The people you consider role models were never known, and they worked on themselves so they could become who they are today.

Knowing why you need to make change in this world and knowing what you believe in attracts people around you who believe in what you believe. You can change the world with these ideas, with your faith and power.

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