Why vaccine dose sharing is important

woman in queue to receive a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine
People queue up to get inoculated with a dose of Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine at a school-turned-vaccination centre in New Delhi on May 5, 2021.

"Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" is a phrase in the ancient language of Sanskrit that translates into "the world is one family". And indeed it is true and more important in situations like today. The interdependency of countries on one another is what has made this planet a better world to live in and each day we are closer to excelling it.

But unfortunately, in such times of the COVID-19 crisis, this is simply not enough. According to leading scientists and doctors, one of the only possible ways to overcome this menacing disease is to get every single person vaccinated. Smallpox and polio (to a certain extent) have also been eradicated with the help of vaccines. Therefore countries that have an excess supply must share the vaccine doses.

If the vaccines are provided to the needful, not only will the virus strains reduce but also will drastically reduce the number of deaths, saving millions.

A few reasons are:

1. Humanitarian cause

Everyone on the planet irrespective of age, gender, nationality and creed have the right to live hence must also be provided with the amenity of acquiring a dose/s of the COVID-19 vaccine. Furthermore, the lack of vaccines in some countries will create a permanent division in the society wherein the ‘supposed to be supplying nation’ will impose an underlying choice of life or death among the innocent ones who are in need. This doesn’t seem quite justified, does it?

2. Eco Political cause

The act of providing vaccines to the ones in need will result in new and better relations between countries that will last after the crisis too. This will ensure both political and economical growth for the nations. New markets will open up for better trade and global development will take place. But for now, a sense of trust and responsibility will develop among the nations, something that is much needed now. 

3. Environmental Cause

The planet produces almost 1.6 tons of plastic waste generated by the coronavirus per day. In an age where climate change looms over us, this gigantic number can not be unaccounted for. The reduction of COVID-19 cases with the help of vaccinations would result in the lessening of this waste. 

At the moment vaccinations mustn't be given to the underprivileged ones but to the nations that are at a greater risk.

This could be a step forward towards internationalism but a giant leap for humanity.



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