Will the Earth survive in next 30 years?

Nature being faded away

Nature has a unique way of healing you. When life gets tough, I try to spend some time with nature. Spending time amidst those lush green bushes which sway, birds chirping around and the fragrance of nature may not help me to discover solutions to life's challenges, but it does rejuvenate my soul.

One day while I was at my workplace, I felt a bit distressed. I could no longer hold it in my heart, so I rushed to the terrace with a slight ray of hope that I would be able to soothe myself by spending a little time with nature. But to my surprise, I was only able to view huge enormous buildings around me.

It was at that point of time I realized that we have been selfishly axing out all the trees under the label of "development". I could see birds whose shelter was supposed to be a tree instead, trying to find cover under the buildings which we humans have built to meet our desires. Slowly I began to realize that we have been extremely engrossed in constructing buildings, Antilla's and IT-hubs for development of the city, which led to the death of numerous trees. Recently I came across an article which stated that almost 300 banyan trees being axed for road widening project. Imagine the number of decades it would have taken for them to grow. Those banyan trees would have been a habitat for various species of the animal kingdom. If it is not possible for humans to live without shelter then, why do we expect the class of Aves (birds) to do so? I think it is absurd for humans to tremendously remove a major source of oxygen for the sake of development. When this thought started to disturb me, I began to express my concern to the people around me. The most common response which I get to hear is that “This is part of life and can't be stopped.”

I agree that Earth has multiple resources which mankind can avail for their purposes, but we DO NOT have any right to overexploit them. I am not against the development of a city or a town, but I am definitely against cutting down these trees ruthlessly for our selfish desires. My heart pounds over the thought of people fighting for natural resources which were once abundant in this world. Earlier when I used to gaze out of my window, I used to be amazed by looking at various species of colorful birds chirping, building nests on the trees which eventually got replaced with huge lifeless villas. The pace at which we are overutilizing the resources, the solitary question which hovers in my mind is -"Will the Earth survive in the next 30 years?"

We all should stand against it and come up with an innovative solution wherein development and nature go hand in hand. We should put in all efforts to understand that there are millions of other species living on Earth who have an equivalent right as that of mankind.

We don't inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children

-Native American Proverb