Will You Marry Me?

A girl with covered face

I am the child of my nation! 

I'm free to get an education

I love playing outside 

I'm my parents' pride 

But wait it's a memory

Now I'm in jeopardy 

I'm culturally tied

my newborn just died 

I'm under his exhortation 

I am the bride of my nation!


When I was young they used to play an advertisement on child marriage. I saw that so much that I wanted to dress up as a child bride for Halloween. Now that I am 18, the only representation I have seen of my culture on Netflix is through Sitara; a story of a child bride. Child marriage is still an issue. 21% of the girls in Pakistan get married under the age of 18, mostly at the age of 13. Most of them either lose a child during childbirth or themselves by the age of 16. Education is snatched from them and education is the tool needed to remove this complication. 

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