Women Empowerment- The Psychological Aspect

Graphic showing women with different colours; stating unity.

It has been years since the time “women empowerment” has been a routine in our conversations. But it must be noted, that while we all were busy trying to empower women in the fields of society, economy, politics, education, etc., we forgot how important it is for us to empower women psychologically. We completely forgot how important it is to empower the brains and minds of women first in order to make them fully self-sufficient, and in literal terms, empowered. 

Now, as we all know that empowerment takes place where there is disempowerment. Therefore, as women are always seen as species who are disempowered in front of men, it becomes our duty to make women realise on their own that they are worth so much more. Of course, there are no in-room classes which could make women realise their true worth, but as humans, the least we could do is provide women with appropriate external support and intervention. 

So, in order to empower women psychologically, it must be noted that reverse psychology could play a very significant role here. This means, once we start making women realise about their capabilities, they would eventually start believing in themselves, and that is how their self-confidence would go up.

At the same time, if proper steps are taken to ensure that women take part in programmes, discussions, and sessions, which revolve around how they (women) make the base of any society, then this could lead to an increase in self-esteem and self-worth. 

Not only this, but self help groups (SHGs) could play a vital role in helping women be free of their insecurities and vulnerabilities. Interestingly, SGHs are seen as the most effective way of bringing a change in the society. 

It must be noted that women who are empowered psychologically are automatically empowered in other fields, too. This is because when women start believing in themselves, which happens when they are psychologically sound, they get an insight of who they are; they get aware of what is undesirable about their situation and how they could be in a better situation; and they realise what is in their reach and what could they do to improve themselves.

Therefore, psychological empowerment of women could act as a magic bean which could open doors for n-number of possibilities. And hence, this is what we should focus on because only through complete enlightenment of the brain and mind, could women think, decide, and work for themselves.

Lastly, as Albert Einstein has rightly said, “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has been before,” let us be the helping hand and let women decide whether they want to join the crowd or walk alone.