For working women

People in a conference next to a pink calculator.
Deleted CASIO's picture in Facebook entitled "For Working Women".

A few weeks ago I was scrolling down Facebook when I saw a post a friend had shared. Apparently, a company that fabricates calculators had produced one dedicated just for me, a woman.

As I read the headline, confusion was the only feeling in my head. What could you possibly add to make a calculator just for working women? Does it have a magical period tracker? I hoped it was since the other option in my head was pretty much disappointing.

As you can see in the picture above, the only apparent modification of the calculator was its color. A dazzling shade of metallic pink irresistible for a woman who wants to calculate the hyperbolic tangent of an expression. Because by all means, an ordinary gray calculator could not do the same job or make us look as feminine as a pink one would.

Don’t misunderstand me, the color is nice, but why does it have to be dedicated to working women? Why do companies keep pushing gender stereotypes to us? Is it so unimaginable to picture a woman being more concerned about developing new ideas than her fashion style?

It seems that the idea of a woman carrying a black/gray calculator is outrageous to humanity, that’s why its creation was urgent to the stability of the planet. I felt so frustrated not only with the company but with the world as it reminded me that we're not close to achieving gender equality. That there are individuals in the capacity of making a change for future generations yet choose not to. Even in product's campaigns, people fail to recognize how to properly direct themselves to a group they are trying to support.

It was definitely a terrible marketing idea; however, the relieving news is that the company formally apologized for its mistake. So let’s make this an opportunity for learning. Learning that we’re in the 21st century and the term equality is no longer unknown to us. It shouldn’t be. As well as not maintaining certain stereotypes that are unhealthy to our society.

Women have fought for their rights throughout centuries and worked hard not to be honored by the creation of a pink calculator. If you want to help working women then listen to us. Don’t underestimate our abilities and don’t diminish our worth. If you can create laws for the benefit of an equal society then do it; if you are developing a marketing campaign and you see something sexist or discriminatory, then don't be afraid to use your voice and do what you think is right. Help working women by carrying out concrete actions.

Give us opportunities to change the world. We can do it, working women definitely can.