World Children's Day 2020


#unicef #voicesofyouth  — I am Faith Cayetano, 19,  one with UNICEF, Voices Of Youth and the global youth. Today, as  we celebrate the World Children’s Day, we continue to build a better world and give voice to the youth.

Few days until Christmas — COVID is still in existence, setting impediments longer than what the majority can take. Precautions filling up the spaces of the must-dos and rules overtaking the regular . Still and all, the most important thing that is not going to be taken away is hope. For people, most specifically the youth, hope lights the way to the better. It creates the way to reform and strengthens the volume of resolution. My view of the world puts emphasis to hope, even after this pandemic. With hope, I imagine the world where no one is not capable of voicing out and standing for his/her rights, and a world where no one stands the  tallest, stepping everything that gets in the way. The world with colors as my illustration opens out love, peace and equality—with complete faith in the youth, I believe that the world can still achieve all these. The world with hope stands a chance of betterment where all dims will be struck with rays of freedom and all blind eyes will be back in sight. The voice of the youth will be louder with hope than how it has and is reaching one and another in this globe. When we say goodbye to COVID, we proceed with our missions and visions for our fellow youth and the world, for all.

The youth is the hope of our future. — Jose Rizal
Visual arts