World Of Unasked Advices

Unasked advices

Let’s admit it! Our parents can not be our friends even though we see them try so hard to get us to open up with them. However, parents can be the closest and the ones we share every single thing with. The reason why most children avoid sharing their issues with their parents is some of the responses we get when we try to do so.

For instance, every time a kid says they are worried, they do not ask for *advice*. Sometimes we just want you to be a listener while we rant about all things that are troubling us. But then again, how do parents figure out what their kids need from them when they’re in trouble? The answer to this is simple-COMMUNICATE!

Every time we tell someone what’s on our mind, we get a whole set of advice on what we should and could do. That’s not really what we’re looking at here! Instead of assuming that we wish to seek advice or solutions from you, simply communicate with us on what is it that we are expecting from you.

Go on to ask questions like *how can I best support you?*. It’s really as easy as that. We all are completely aware of the fact that our parents in no way wish to hurt us or turn us away when we go to them with our problems. Parents just often fail to communicate in an effective way.

It could be what we call *generation gap* or it could be something else. Even with the best intentions, parents often end up hurting their own kids due to lack of knowledge on how to communicate the needs of their kids.

We have become a world of unasked advices. Unasked advices not just from parents to kids but amongst all kinds of people and relationships. Let’s try and be a little more subtle and communicative now onwards.

Let’s try and understand if the troubled person even wants advice or not.

We have become a world of unasked advices.