World War Vs World Love

World Peace

I would like to ask 5 questions from you. Let's answer these questions from the bottom of your heart.

In the meantime, I will answer them.

1) We all will die one day from natural reasons. Do you want to die from wars, terrorism or violence?   
No, I don't 

2) Many countries(including my motherland) have their own military. So, what is the main purpose of each countries' military system?
To protect their motherland from violence, terrorism, and wars.

3) What's the reason for violence, terrorism, and wars?
The lack of loving yourself and to the world.

4) We can have different religious beliefs, skin color, birthplaces, mother tongues, etc. but, what is the color of your blood?

5) What is your country?
My country is the earth.    

I dedicate this brief post to people around the world who are suffering and have died from wars, terrorism, and violence.


Sri Lanka