World without wars and weapons

Rayan, now three years old, lost his arm last year when fighting escalated in Aden. He visits the prosthetics centre at a hospital in Yemen.

How horrendous is it inside the war zone?

The echo of anguished cry and silent moan

Resonates all over but can’t be heard

As the war is noisy and jarred.


On the Earth where flowers blossom,

I see stains of blood.

This bizarre sight gives me viperish dreads.

Deepens my fright with sleepless nights.


The purity of the soil gone.

Father no more for a newborn.

Hearts shattered and lives thrown.

Endless tears on cheeks rolling down.


Malice caused for the love of his nation,

Turns out to be fiendish for humanity.

Ain't the right way to express his affection,

By harming another country.


Killing and slaying are not the solution.

Why destroy the innocents with ammunition.

Sweetness of the air wounded,

With the smell of corpses, it is toxicated.


I see Presidents visit the nations

For the sake of Tours and discussions

Later they break the bond of trust,

By calling upon wars and being unjust!


Spread love and kindness

Your enemies are much like you

You wouldn’t want yourself hurt

So do they!


Don’t we all belong to the same family?

It’s called the ‘human race’

We children find wars ugly

Losing dear ones never give any solace


River that originates in your place,

Flows through mine

Together it unites, into one mighty ocean

We shall too join hands and grow stronger


I looked up above the sky

Adoring the bright blue hue

Then I did realize something

It’s the same color for you as well, my friend!