The world of young people

Young change makers
We are a generation full of potential and the power of changing the world

The world of young people is sometimes different from the real world. But, it is a beautiful one. Young people are free souls. They are full of dreams, passions and youth. They have limitless possibilities inside of them. They chase their passions and dreams. And they are making huge changes. 

Sometimes I become amazed when I see young people are making a difference or trying to do that. The way young people see the world is different from adults. Adults think about the risk-benefit ratio and act after that. But young people follow their own souls, and they do what they want. That's why sometimes they can make a difference where adults cannot. Young people try to change the world and make it a better place passionately. They are working on serious topics like mental health, climate change, education, ending violence, feminism, equality, and encouraging other youngsters to do that. They are connecting with others who think the same way as them and joining hands. They are finding and raising their voices. 

I came across some projects for youth, by youth. These kinds of projects touched the hearts of millions of young people around the world. Such as the LOVE MYSELF campaign, Fridays for Future, LOG OFF movement, Youth promise... In Voices of Youth, it’s amazing to see how different voices, different topics, different countries, languages and cultures unite as one place. They are real changemakers. I am proud of them.

But on the opposite side, there are many young people who don’t get to know about their possibilities. They are trapped inside of the wrong education system and schools. They may be loved as good students, get a good job, maybe will become wealthy and successful people in the future, but what will happen to their passions, dreams, possibilities? Those things will die. The one who had the power of becoming a changemaker would end up being a job-seeker at last. Isn’t that pathetic? Not only that. Many youngsters are wasting their youth on the internet, drugs, false friendship, narcissism, showdown. This is even more pathetic. 

You may not imagine, but you are also a passionate youngster. You also have limitless possibilities inside of you. Cherish them and let them bloom. Don't bound yourself in school, textbooks, and the study table. Make yourself free. Find your voice. One day you can make the world a better place.

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