#WorldChildrensDay - Our own Little Community

A picture of some kids holding hands, showing unity and kindness.

My name is Sasha, I’m 13 and I live in Romania. This is my story of how #IFeltIncluded .

About 2 years ago I moved to Italy. I knew nobody in the country and I was really stressed about making new friends. What are people in Italy even like? I had no idea!

When I got there I saw that many kids were similar to those in Romania! I got along well with a lot of people but I didn’t make any close friends and still felt a bit like an outsider.

Later, I made friends with one boy that helped me feel a lot more included. He was from England, he was my age and very funny. We became friends and talk to this day even thought I moved back to Romania. We got along really well and was my first friend that was not Romanian. He made me feel really included: he had other friends that I then met, and so I was included in my own little community! 

This made me learn we aren’t so different after all and that I can feel included anywhere with anybody!