Yes! It Is Us.

we are the successors of the world

Many people who consider themselves more mature than us (young people), and label us only children who do not know anything.

I want to tell a little story, i have ever expressed some opinions to people who are older than me and most of them just think of my opinion as little child babble or don't think of it at all.

You know, after you (the person who ignores my opinion) I never dared to give an opinion again, before I read the article on "how to give an opinion", the article made me dare to give an opinion again (it can be considered as mental-healing).

Actually, i am so mad in my heart. Imagine this, when they are getting older than now who will continue the activities or opinions? It is us.

Do they think young people cannot do anything like give some opinions? Oh my god! They are totally wrong. We could just change the world with more modern thinking. I'm not saying your thinking is old but, I think it just needs to be updated. The little example like my story earlier, you must respect the others' opinions...

But I hope really really hope, we (the young ppl) don't be like people who always ignore the opinions of others, even though he/she is younger than us, older than us, or the same age as us. 

I hope you can understand what i mean. Thank you for reading until the end :)