You Are The Beauty

Learn to embrace youself

Defining beauty is not easy in today's age. Early days were much simple but still it was difficult to live up to the beauty expectations. Lets flashback to the beauty during the Victorian era where the Mammy was made to pull the corset of the Lady to an extent that the lady's spinal cord shrinks and touches the walls of her back. 

Ahh so that is where the trend of the hour glass figure began 

Not to forget the layers of flared gowns and large crinolines, protruding bustles and heavily boned corsets  which often did restrict movement. Pale face, rosy cheeks, and big dark eyes. 

Let us not forget the men they too were judged by their scarlet heels and masculine strenght and topped with hats. Years, centuries passed thus trends changed but people's and society's (which is also made of large number of people) attitude towards beauty did not change. 

One is never satisfied by himself or herself {well that is human nature} , so when will one learn love himself or herself.

Social Media on the other hand has created a nuisance. Beach model figures, ramp model figures, gym freaks, biceps, triceps, beautiful curled hair, smokey eyes etc.

What does this all take ?? A diet which might take a toll on your health, expensive surgeries which can permanently put scar on your body. Well we have millions of filters to filter out the natural blemishes and freckles on our skin. Technology which can bring our waist from 32 inches to 28 inches (because 32 inches of waist is not accepted by the society). 

 Technology made all impossible stuff possible but never taught us to love yourselves like we are. 

 Magazines utterly confuse us, the cover page has the image of the most beautiful model with an hourglass figure and loaded with makeup. Yes, all this is with help army of professional. Coming back to magazine cover page next to the model is written " Embrace your natural beauty".  Like first there is an image of a model to God knows what she must have gone through to look like that and there is this quote embrace your natural beauty. "Like make up your mind...."

Now lets get to the inside of it a page has a recipe of a cake and immediately the next page shows how to hide scars on your tummy. Society itself is so confused and then the judging begins. 

There is only one advice to this love yourself, be comfortable in your natural beauty. If your are different than that means you stand out and you have an edge over the crowd. No matter what your waist is, no matter how many scars you have, no matter how many blemished you have, you have to embrace it then only you and the society will be able to see the beauty. All naturally created stuff is beautiful so embrace it. Keep your head held high and be yourself.

Got a small task for you there reader, - go stand in front of the mirror, see your reflection and smile at it, trust me you will see a beautiful creature staring back at you. 

Like yourself Be yourself