You can!

You can!

Not everyone has the opportunity to listen 'You can!' just at the moment we need it most.

If no one has told you, then you should know that there is a force inside you that drivers you to do incredible things and make the impossible possible. You just have to believe in yourself, have confidence in what you do.

You are able to realize your dreams and everything you set your mind to. If something does not go as expected, do not give up! Persevere. The secret is often to insist. 

Your opinion, your actions, your dreams are important and the world needs them. Some situations that occur in life are usually difficult, but your inner brightness does not let it go out.

Shine as you know how to do it, fill yourself with positivity, don't limit yourself and you'll see how solutions to problems begin to emerge.

You have a potential that will take you far, to places you can't imagine. If the world is not giving you the opportunities you need, create them yourself. Do not be afraid to try something. If you win, you will learn, but you will also learn from failures and there will always be opportunities to keep trying. Do not give up!

That in your vocabulary there is no expression I can not replace it with I am strong! I am capable! I can!

Everything is possible if you propose it and have a positive attitude towards adversity. 

Empower yourself! You can!