To you going through tough times. The shore is near.

A picture of clouds.
the shore is near.

I think with this new year, we can all agree that we’ve felt pressure to do things right and for things to go perfectly. Here I am. Your local social standard crusher here to make you feel a little bit better. 

I honestly love talking about these types of things. So first and foremost, here’s a story to go with it all.

January 2020 was a wreck. I felt my lowest lows but also my highest highs. Coming out fresh from high school, I learnt that this is what life is in very tough ways. I didn’t have a security blanket anymore and all the big decisions were mine to make. It was me and my twitter feed against the world.

Through those struggles, I made sure to make my thoughts as positive as possible and during those highs, I made sure that gratitude was leading. I had the most amazing opportunities in January (which will be at a screen near you soon) and above all else, I didn’t want the darkness covering my glimmer of light. 

We tend to forget that we have so much to be grateful for when times become hard or when things don’t go our way, but to that I say, the storm never lasts. The sun is too strong to be overcome by it. Through it all, keep your head above the water. You may not feel the ground yet, but soon the sand will cover your feet and you will finally be at that shore you’ve been hoping for.

Remember that whatever you give off will only come back to you. Keep your thoughts and words positive. They speak more volumes than you would think. Secondly, remember that anything that is for you will not pass you. Your time of bliss and joy awaits. Just a few more ocean tides and you’ll be there. 

So, to you going through tough times, again I say, the shore is near.

South Africa