Girl with her creative ideas

She always expects a rainy morning...Her new school bag filled with new textbooks,notebooks and other accessories...There is a beautiful umbrella next to her bag. It was new and flavoured with colors. 

This is the usual picture of my sister's school reopening day after the summer vacation. But this time it is different. The picture goes like this:

There is a school bag on the corner of house, with dust slithered across its body. Her books were sleeping on the shelves without any distractions.Her umbrella never widened its wings to face the cold drops.This time all her dreams of entering the school with new bag, books, umbrella etc faded in the mist of pandemic.

I thought she needs some help. Maybe she is depressed with this situation. May be she will drown in an uneasy, dark, unhappy valley.....

But contrasting to all this, she surprised me. After two days my little sister took some colorful craft papers, sketch pens, paints, brushes and all messes. She made beautiful flowers from papers and finished it with some colors and love. Some of her crafts are beautiful and lovely but some doesn't cope with the expectations.

Then I realized something:

Not only my sister but also her friends are engaging themselves in this work. I have to learn something from her. Our whole family found these lockdown dayshard, but out of everyone she never complained anyone, never argued with anyone.

Like them, our young minds make these times profitable with their passion. Adults are the one who always complaining. They are always stressed. They lose their will quickly. But children are exceptionally talented.They have the ultimate courage to conquer this world.