Young reporters have a message for you: stay home and fight fake news around coronavirus!

Girl washing her hands and playing

People of all ages can be infected by the COVID-19 and should take precautions to protect themselves. Youth have a big role to play in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

That is why this group of young reporters from Montenegro have joined the #OstaniDoma (#StayHome) campaign of the health authorities in their country, using short video messages on social networks to call upon citizens to demonstrate socially responsible behaviour and fight misinformation. Want to meet them?


Đorđe Ivanović 

He made this video, titled “What do I do at home during the coronavirus outbreak?”

“My video is intended for young people and illustrates how to spend quality time at home. Of course, the message to all young people is #StayHome and let’s choose what we watch, read and listen to,” Đorđe explains. He found inspiration for the video in this month’s Ipsos research data, which found that young people are the group that is least concerned about coronavirus and they are therefore probably the most inclined to disregard social isolation recommendations.

Jovana Vujović 

In her video, Jovana warns of fake news and calls for the use of reliable sources of information.

"It starts with a warning about fake news regarding coronavirus and calls upon all citizens to use only reliable sources of information, first and foremost the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Institute, UNICEF and the World Health Organization," she says.

 “Media literacy is crucial in these situations so that people do not believe fake news and spread panic,” Jovana adds.

Dunja Šestović 

Have you finished homework and are you bored at home? Follow Dunja's example, who used part of her time at home to record and publish a video through which she responds to the coronavirus global dance challenge and promotes proper hand washing.

“A little dancing can’t hurt – on the contrary, it’s good for you. Therefore, stay home, wash your hands and dance,” Dunja says.

Jana Kostić and Sara Marković 

They too responded to the global #coronahanddance, which promotes proper hand washing as a means of preventing the spread of coronavirus. 

“I like this global campaign by young people who are using dance and music to promote hygiene, while avoiding and preventing any panic about coronavirus, which is why we have decided to join them,” Jana explains.

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