You're Family With The Sun And Moon, We're Rooting For You

Image of clear water of river Ganga flowing along the base of the mountains.

You're made of stardust
You're a walking billion chemical reactions
You're a living soul, heart and conscience
So when you tell me, you're just not capable
Know I won't believe you
So take the mic, the world will hear
Be yourself and nothing less
Take the dive
And see just how high you soar
When you leave the ground
It terrifies you?
Good, it should
For if you never fail
And a straight line, is all that the graph of your life is
Good luck proving you lived at all
So fail, dust yourself off, get off the ground
And fail and fall again
And again
Till you're so goddamn strong
Till the dust is a familiar taste
How difficult can it be after the first jump
How much more fear can you possibly feel
And if you do
Fall on the ground, face first
Embarass yourself in front of your crush
Good, there's no worse it can get
So go do it again
Fail and fail again
Because trust me no one learnt a damn thing by winning
Failure, that's where the lessons lie
Don't let perfection scare you away
The heroes you admire didn't get there
Without their failures
They didn't always make it their first time
Or the second or the third for that matter
So take as many tries as you may
You see them on the peak
But no one flew up there
They all started at the very bottom
And made their way up
Crawling if they had to
So get to the base camp
Look at the top
And sweat, fall, get up till you make it
And you'll break the goddamn mountain if you want to
You're made of stardust
What made the sun and stars
Makes you too
So trust me I don't believe you
When you say, you won't make it.