You're not alone

People with depression experience symptoms that affect their mood, cognitive function and physical health

I am surrounded by people yet I feel so alone


I can hear people's voices but mine is fading away 


Everything is closing in but i’m trying to breakout


“You're not good enough”, they whisper in my ear


“You need help” they say


I’m running faster than ever, yet i'm standing still


“You're sick” they always tell me yet I feel fine


I am standing on a cliff ready to jump to my doom




Suddenly i'm getting pulled back, 


but when I look no ones there


I hear the voices again, 


but again no ones there 


Could it all be in my head, 


“We are here but your hallucinating” I hear it again


I look but no ones there


I was always alone 


“I’m here” I heard a voice different then the rest


I look again so convinced I won’t see anyone, but I look anyway


This time I see something, a mirror 


I walk up and see myself, the same yet so different


There is something wrong with my face in the mirror I was smiling 


“You are good enough” this time I heard my voice yet my lips weren’t moving


I am good enough.