You(th) are the future.

Young people jumping happy

Today, I wanted to write about us, youth.

Young people are the greatest agents of change in a society. To be young is definitely one of the most beautiful times in a person's life. You are full of energy, dreams and have so many aspirations. But there are many challenges too.

We live in a busy world, many things have changed, including views and expectations. Some adults think that today's youth are a generation addicted to technology, that do not want to work and only focus on having fun. These stereotypes seem to be deeply rooted in some cultures, appearing to us time after time. And the challenge of young people starts here. To show to the society our values and potential. 

To continue with more concrete challenges; the need for quality education, employment opportunities and integration in society. But challenges are only one side of the medal. The other side represents hopes and aspirations for a better life, for a more emancipated society and more peaceful communities. 

I have always liked this quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt: "We can not always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future". How meaningful! Youth play an important role in the development of a country and society. If I would describe young people in three words, they would be: power, change and hope.

Active participation of young people is very important to strengthen democracy. We need to be included in creative and innovative activities, in decision making and must have more opportunities to speak up in our communities, schools and families, because our voices always need to be heard.

Today's youth will be the leaders of tomorrow and I really hope that we will be a generation of positive leaders who will work towards more peaceful communities and fair decision making.

I believe in you(th)!

Today's youth are the leaders of tomorrow!